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Do you, or anyone you know, need help to maintain good mental health whether at work or at home? 

Positive mental health is not always easy to achieve but it is essential to allow us to lead an enjoyable, fulfilling and productive life. When mental health issues take over, such as depression, anxiety and overwhelm, it can be crippling but there is a solution.  

Nicki Williamson is a qualified trainer, hypnotherapist, NLP practitioner and founder of The Wellbeing People. Based in Norfolk, The Wellbeing People offer an extensive range of services designed to encourage and maintain ongoing positive mental health for adults and children alike.


Working with employers in a corporate setting, children and teachers in schools as well as on a one to one basis, The Wellbeing People facilitate tailor made solutions to improve wellbeing, grow confidence, increase engagement and build resilience for the long term.
Expert guidance and support is available.  All you have to do is reach out and we will be there. 
Because your mind matters...

Nicki x

Nicki Williamson MCAHyp DABCH
Hypnotherapy Adult NLP 1-2-1 one to onemental health corporate group

Training, Workshops & Support


Provided in-house and tailor made to meet your requirements.


Our workshops provide a range of tools and techniques to support positive mental health.


Working one to one - empowering you to be free of issues which may be holding you back.

Client Praise

Here are just a few of our happy clients
"Her reading comprehension in January SATS practice scored 16. After the programme she scored 32 - The highest in the class!"
"I feel like I have more control over my stress and anxiety. Nicki made me feel more normal - There's light at the end of the tunnel now."
"These techniques are invaluable, they ensure you have everything you need to deal with any issues you may face in lifer!"

How can we help?

To book a service or to find out more about we can do for you please get in touch.
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