Ever been dancing in a loud nightclub or gone to see a live band? Have you noticed a ringing in your ears when you returned home and tried to sleep in a quiet room? Everybody has experienced this at one point or another and has probably not noticed that it had disappeared by the next morning.

For some people, that ringing can be constant or intermittent and can be a ringing, hiss, buzz or whirr. It comes out of nowhere and doesn’t ever truly go away.

This is a condition called tinnitus and can be caused by a multitude of things, for example;

It is relatively common and can happen at any age but one thing is for sure, it is very annoying for the sufferer and can have an impact on their day to day life, their sleep and their stress levels.

Depending on the cause of tinnitus, there are treatments that can help; an infection can be treated with antibiotics and the tinnitus should disappear along with the infection itself, but there are cases where there is not one defined ‘cure’ and it is then that hypnotherapy can help.

Hypnotherapy doesn’t necessarily ‘cure’ tinnitus; it can help to alleviate the symptoms and give the sufferer relief.

How does hypnotherapy for tinnitus work?

Hypnotherapy can be used to treat tinnitus by working with the subconscious mind. To help change the way the person reacts to the sound when it occurs. If you have ever been to a friend’s house and noticed the ticking of a clock and wondered how they can live with the sound then you have an idea of the end goal. When you are living with a sound, you naturally learn to ‘tune it out’ and it no longer registers with your conscious mind. Hypnosis retrains the mind to ‘tune out’ the sound of the tinnitus and to behave as if it was not there. In many cases, the person will be able to cancel out the noise completely for good; in others it is a noticeable more regular reduction in the symptoms.

If your tinnitus is caused by stress or anxiety we work that into your hypnotherapy sessions, looking to find the root cause of your stress and eliminate your symptoms at the same time. Stress has a habit of amplifying symptoms of other conditions, and many people find that when the stress in their life is lowered, their tinnitus subsides as a result.

How many sessions does it take?

Every person is different. Some people notice a dramatic change after just one session; others, it can take more time. We recommend 2-3 sessions to start with and can always adjust depending on personal results.

This week is ‘Tinnitus Awareness Week’ and we want to help you find relief from your tinnitus and help others be aware it is something you do not have to suffer with.
If you or a loved one has tinnitus and have found that nothing else has helped, why not give hypnotherapy a try?

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Halloween has traditionally been great fun for many of us but for some it’s a time when fears and phobias increase. A fear of the dark, a spider phobia and things that go bump in the night can cause tremendous distress for some.

Fear is provided by our subconscious minds to protect us from danger but when it starts to control our lives it’s time for us to take back the control. Using Hypnotherapy, together with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) you can be free of your fears and phobias and enjoy the freedom of being in control.

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