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April 3, 2018

Over many years I have specialised in Wellbeing in the Workplace. It is something I know is important from my career in large organisations, before I became a full-time practitioner in NLP and hypnotherapy. But why would any business feel having their employees relaxed and ‘chilled’ is important?

The Impact of Stress
To understand fully, the first thing to know is that human beings perform their tasks and fulfil their responsibilities at the optimum level when they can focus, innovate and respond without being held back by the effects off stress.  Pressure is one thing and a normal part of work and home life simply because there are inevitable ups and downs in both.  Stress arises when an individual feels overwhelmed for long periods of time and sees no way of meeting all perceived obligations.  There’s the keyword right there – perceived.

Why Deep Relaxation?
Deep relaxation gives a person the opportunity to psychologically take a deep breath, to re-evaluate and to recontextualise.  It’s almost hard to believe but whatever is causing a person stress, just ten minutes of deep relaxation can eradicate, mitigate or diminish the feelings which – if left unresolved – can result in physical as well as mental illness. So, it makes sense for every employer to make sure their employees have access to regular Deep Relaxation Sessions. The positive impact on employees’ health has a direct, measurable result within the business. Fewer sick days taken, greater motivation and better performance overall.

An Investment
My corporate clients regard my services as an investment and, to be clear, this is not a financially heavy commitment.  I often visit companies to provide employees with support to stop smoking, for example, using similar techniques, and to provide work-place support to any employee who has asked for help in dealing with stress or is returning to work after sickness absences.

What may surprise some readers of this article is that stress is experienced across every spectrum within an organisation.  From CEO to every corner, department and section – stress exists, and I can provide professional support which makes it manageable over time without the need for costly absences from the work place. And, of course, my Wellbeing Workshops are designed to help people help themselves – often before any significant stress has manifested into ill health.

Now, I see regular clients and new people who want their lives to be easier and to feel ‘better’. Sometimes the first description a new client gives is just that – they want to feel ‘better’; about themselves, about particular issues or simply to make their stresses STOP!

By using a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy, rapid improvement is usually achieved and can be cathartic in a very positive way. Yes, I did say ‘hypnotherapy’.

That last word is sometimes mis-interpreted as being a bit ‘out there’, or hippy-esque or even regarded as being unproven. No doubt a lot of the antipathy toward hypnosis is down to those who turned a proven technique for deep relaxation into a low form of entertainment. I know from a professional standpoint that hypnotherapy is a non-invasive, gentle technique that WORKS. From dealing with long-term results of abuse to helping people give up smoking, creating a deeply relaxed physical state is beneficial.

In fact, let’s break the word down.  Hypnos means sleep.  Therapy, exactly that. Suddenly it makes complete sense, doesn’t it?

A way to heal through semi-sleep created by using deep relaxation. Bliss, in fact.

The mind becomes still, memories can be softened, and goals reinforced.  Old, painful issues can be addressed and new, desired behaviours offered. It’s a gentle process which reaches into the sub-conscious mind where all the real feelings, responses and behaviours are stored.

Strangely enough, no one worries about being soft-talked into a pleasant feeling of calm and feeling amazingly refreshed after the session.  And that is why hypnotherapy can be so beneficial to anyone whose Workplace Wellbeing is in jeopardy.

Nailing the Myth
Just to nail one myth right away – a hypnotised person in a session with a trained professional like me, is fully aware of their surroundings, what is being said and takes in what’s happening in the same way as when they are fully awake. What is different and highly effective is this – the divide between the conscious and sub-conscious parts of our brain becomes less defined and resistant to having thoughts reordered or dealt with.  To say deep relaxation is cathartic is an under-statement and the benefits are measurable both personally and professionally, as well as being positive in the work setting.

If you would like to find out how I can help you decrease the level of sick days in your business, please contact me for an initial discussion through the website by email or by calling me on 07568 145151

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