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Wellbeing Strategy

We can  provide Wellbeing strategy plans to meet not only your legal requirements, but those of your employees.

Or we can review your current Mental Health & Wellbeing policies and procedures.

Delivered Online or Onsite

Strategy Plans Meeting HSE mental health in the workplace requirements for Businesses of all sizes.

Whatever your situation there is a mental health support package that is right for you, your employees and your organisation.  Just reach out and let’s talk …

Wellbeing Strategy Plans

Training & Workshops

The Wellbeing People provide;

Line managers mental health awareness and management training.

Stress management and relaxation workshops.

Support for managers on an on-going or adhoc basis.

Delivered Online or Onsite

Increase employee retention and ROI

Increase engagement, productivity and reduce stress & sickness absence with improved mental health support within the workplace.

Training, Workshops & Support


Wellbeing events are simply a way to demonstrate your commitment to your staff by offering them taster sessions of alternative therapies which can improve and maintain their mental health.

Having a culture of wellness increases employee loyalty and attracts the most talented people.

Workplace Wellbeing Events

Are your policies & procedures up to date and being implemented proactively?

Wellbeing Compliance

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA)

All employers have a legal duty of care to employees. Compliance with The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA) means every employer must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, that the health, safety and welfare of employees are protected. They must also conduct a risk assessment to identify the measures necessary for them to comply with the Act and other employment legislation.

Legal compliance under employment law includes:

Why Does Providing Mental Health & Wellbeing Support Matter?

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According to the Health and Safety Executive, some 12.8 million working days were lost in the UK primarily due to stress, anxiety and depression in 2018/19 which averages 21.2 days per employee. This is obviously not good for business productivity or morale in the workplace. 

A Positive Mental Health Culture Makes Business Sense

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Healthy Employees

...lead to cost savings

... are more productive

...build a positive brand image

Increase employee engagement and retention with a clear ROI, whilst meeting legal and HSE obligations

If you know that you have a high absence rate due to stress, or  need training in Mental Health & Wellbeing, just reach out and let’s talk …

The wellbeing People - mental health Norfolk

Our wellbeing services help businesses of all sizes

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"As part of our Company resilience and well-being programmes, Nicki Williamson has been the principal trainer and advisor. The bespoke training sessions Nicki has designed and delivered have been, extremely informative, flexible and well received by Managers and staff alike. Nicki not only presents very well, she fully involves those attending, during her enjoyable and thought provoking role-play and group sessions.
We have been grateful for Nicki’s support and look forward to continuing our resilience and well-being education with her."

Mick Beckett, Human Resources Director

Palm Paper UK

The Wellbeing People Case Studies

The HSE requires all companies, with 5 or more employees, to carry out Stress Risk Assessments on a regular basis to support employers with managing mental health in the workplace.  The Wellbeing People Ltd provides the right support to suit the size of your business.

The Wellbeing Assessment meets the stress risk assessment requirements and provides individuals with the opportunity to take responsibility for how they are feeling, empowering them to make the necessary change and therefore increasing engagement and reducing sickness absence.

Meet Nicki

Nicki Williamson is the founder of The Wellbeing People.

Nicki Williamson and her team all have over twenty years’ experience each within senior management roles for large UK based companies.  Combined with her hypnotherapy and NLP qualifications, Nicki is in a unique position to help support your company with your Mental Health and Wellbeing policies.

Nicki has a full understanding of the demands of the corporate environment balanced with the needs of the individual to manage stress, anxiety or depression.

Nicki Williamson MCAHyp DABCH
employee stress training

I suffer with depression currently and the training has helped a lot. I take medication and therapy and having these tools will help a lot. Training more people will help older lads speak out and break the stigma.


Feedback from Training

Enjoyable - making aware of stress and methods to control it. Realise that working environment is not that bad and can be enjoyed.


Feedback from Training

The relaxation was very good. Was very relaxed after went from 70bpm to 64bpm so it did work.


Feedback from Training

It made me understand better the way I should react to other people/colleagues needs.


Feedback from Training

Understanding the relation from stress to behaviour and the feeling about it. Will try to put positive pictures and thinking into the daily start to improve more positive thinking.


Feedback from Training

Nicki made the content of the course really easy to understand. Some topics discussed were relevant and informative.


Feedback from Training

Looking out for and understanding why others do/believe things they do.


Feedback from Training

The wellbeing People - mental health Norfolk

...because your mind matters

Nicki Williamson MCAHyp DABCH

01485 472 074

The wellbeing People - mental health Norfolk

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