Childrens Workshops

It is easy to assume our children are confident and worry free; that negative feelings only effect adults and our children’s lives are happy and relaxed when in fact, it can be the opposite.

As well as dealing with the usual aspects of growing up like starting a new school, bullying, exams, self-image and trying to fit in, children now have the added pressures of social media and access to the world through the internet than can cause them to worry. We are never quite sure how our lives effect our children with subjects such as divorce, money worries or moving home.

Our workshops are designed especially for children to teach them techniques to cope with times of uncertainty or upheaval that may occur, how to increase their confidence and build resilience.

We help children understand what terms such as ‘calm and relaxed’ and ‘strong and confident’ mean as well as how they look and feel. We help them see they are all ‘perfect just as they are’ and how to use these to build self-worth and self-confidence, no matter what else is happening around them.

Our children’s workshops show children how to protect their ‘inner self’ and deflect negativity to feel secure no matter where they are.

Children’s workshops are delivered in one hour slots, once a week for four weeks and can be worked around school timetables or delivered in the evenings. We work with all children from age 6 upwards.

To find out more about our children’s workshops or to book a workshop for your school or children’s group, contact us today either by calling 07568-145-151 or by completing our contact us page.