May - Anxiety Awareness Month

May 11, 2018
Anxiety – a word with just seven letters but with so much distress, harm and restrictions behind its meaning. It’s no wonder people who experience debilitating anxiety feel so restricted by their own thoughts and feelings.  Thankfully, there are ways and means to deal with Anxiety through proven techniques and exercises. Solutions are available and my work with people dealing with Anxiety makes me appreciate how courageous they are on a daily basis.

May is Anxiety Awareness Month and as a practitioner who consistently meets and treats people with Anxiety issues, I am adding my voice over the next few weeks to focus on what sounds like a ‘simple’ issue but is, in fact, far from being so. I will give Anxiety a reality that is perhaps missed or misunderstood by those who do not experience it in the same way as those whose lives are made miserable by it.

Of course, a degree of anxiety a is natural thing. It’s what triggers how we subconsciously pause to double check that what we are thinking of doing or saying is ‘safe’ or at least within the boundaries of risk that we are comfortable with. For some of us, it is experienced at a hyper level that can cause real and dramatic physical responses to what may be perceived to be ordinary situations.  For example, most of us will leave our homes for work each morning with barely a backward glance; perhaps checking first that the back door is locked and we have all we need with us. For others, just getting out of the house is a major event.  In fact, just the thought of walking out of the front door can make some people so afraid, with feelings of dread and physical discomfort that they abandon the idea all together.  And when this happens, over and over again, it is understandable that Agoraphobics may stay inside their homes for weeks, months and even years.

The number of causes of Anxiety are many and varied, as is the degree of extremes it can reach. One thing is certain, it can be dealt with, but when you are trapped by fears that self-perpetuate and crushing uncertainties that you know are illogical, taking those first steps amount to a battle in itself.

Although Anxiety is technically a mind-set and mental health issue, the physical impact is equally real.  Feelings of anxiety can cause leg pain and even chest pain which gives the impression of a heart attack – the pain is real, and in no way ‘put on’. Palpitations, nausea, vomiting, fainting – the list of physical responses to a panic attack are very real indeed.  So, you can see why Anxiety not only restricts a life but can make it utterly miserable and downright painful.

My message today for anyone out there trying to deal with Anxiety – diagnosed or undiagnosed – is this; people like me are able and very willing to help you.  Yes, you have to reach out and let a practitioner like me know you need us but believe me when I say, we know what you are going through and we WILL help you.

Whether it is you who are trying to cope with, manage or recover from Anxiety or if you have a loved one who suffers with the many issues that Anxiety brings with it, call me or another professional in your area so the journey to reclaiming a calm, confident life can begin. One step at a time, Anxiety can be beaten and a new, happier horizon reached.  My number is 07568 145151 and I am always happy to talk through what your options are and how you can be helped. As the saying goes, “Don’t suffer in silence when there are people close by who can help you.”

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