More Than Just a Buzz Word

February 21, 2018

As a seasoned professional specialising in therapeutic services for adults and children, I am keenly aware that as a society we are in the throes of a worrying epidemic. This epidemic can take many forms and despite the increasing media reports of our health services not being able to keep up with an increasing level of demand, there are still some who believe that ‘Wellbeing’ or ‘Mindfulness’ are just buzz words. This couldn’t be further from the truth and I am making it my Mission to raise awareness of what could be called ‘the potential to destroy ourselves from within’ and promote solutions that are now needed in schools as well as the workplace. The fact is that if we make changes to attitude, perspective and action, the long-term return on the ‘investment’ would be staggering. Imagine, children who don’t go through years of self-destructive behaviour at worst and at best can be the happy, emotionally confident little people they deserve to be. Image, a workforce that is more productive, less likely to job-hop and a massive reduction in sick days.

What concerns me so much is that a vast section of people – of all ages – may not have the pressures that our forebears had in terms of sheer survival, but can still reach a point where life is difficult at best and downright damaging at worst.

To put it in a nutshell, there is an increasing need for support when something is worrying a person to the extent that it is impacting on their life – right now - and with every possibility that the results will debilitate them in years to come in their educational, social, workplace, relationships and family lives. I know there ARE answers and I am determined that my mission to deliver practical solutions that can literally ‘make a difference’ will continue the work that has been proving so successful for clients who use my Practice. Experience has shown me that, whether it is a child who is battling to understand the world they are in or adults who find their world stressful and destructive, solutions exist to turn ‘things’ around.

Let’s look at our society’s most important assets first – our children. How can it be right or remotely acceptable when news programmes report on increases in self-harming, teenage suicide and even primary school children exhibiting extreme stress?

Thankfully, schools and workplaces are increasingly aware that ‘Wellbeing’ is a vital element in everyone’s life and tackling emerging issues at the earliest possible stage can prevent deeper or lasting damage.

For schools, bringing in professionals such as me to work within the school environment can make a visible difference to children who may be suffering – silently or otherwise – due to anxiety or a lack of self-confidence. For example, the schools I work with in Norfolk which have the insight to recognise the need for structured, informal and encouraging intervention when a child is developing issues that need solutions. This doesn’t mean ‘heavy’ sessions of navel gazing; it means establishing an environment in which a child – usually in a small group of fellow pupils – can relearn their responses to external factors, in a casual, fun, but constructed session.

By using a combination of Neuro Linguistic Programming and relaxation techniques, the children learn how to manage their emotional wellbeing – from within. Amazingly, four weekly workshops of just an hour makes a significant difference. It is a miracle I see repeatedly – a child goes from Unwell Being to a youngster who experiences true, self-generating WELLBEING; marvellous!

Just as teaching a child to walk without bumping into furniture prevents harm, well-constructed Wellbeing Groups can salve unseen injury and give the child a path around the problems that make them, frankly, totally miserable. There can be no greater joy than seeing a child change from a negative mind-set to a focused, stronger, more confident person with a positive sense of self.

The ‘hidden’ travails of stress, emotional uncertainty, a lack of confidence and a dozen other potentially harmful feelings can become overwhelming and action is needed. Employers and teachers may suddenly see that those they spend hours a day with are struggling. What better time than now for all of us to embrace Wellbeing as an essential part of being a supportive human being?

I will be publishing more information on how Building Confidence, Improving Self Esteem and Stress Relief can make lives better in future blogs.

If you would like more information on Wellbeing Programmes for children or adults, please contact me.

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