We need stress;to survive, it’s a great motivator and can support us in achieving important tasks, however everyone has a threshold and this varies from person to person. Our stress response is our survival mechanism and it can allow us to operate at peak performance for a short period of time – but when the stress goes on and on, our health can be affected.

Long term stress causes changes to the brainand the way we adapt to stressors. Stress affects the way the hippocampus, prefrontal cortex and amygdala of the brain respond and if there is no intervention to reduce the stress load, this can lead to long term health problems as a result.


Research shows, when we apply techniques like relaxation and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) alongside a nutritious, balanced diet, we reduce our stress levels and connected health impacts on our bodies. Click here to read more on this topic from the Harvard Medical School


Research also shows nutrients like Magnesium and B vitamins. along with other nutritional changes can reduce emotional symptoms, anxiety, depression, stress and improve physical symptoms such as pain.  What we eat and when we eat are now known to make a huge difference to stress hormone production and how we feel mentally.


This De-Stress Workshops gives you fast, effective techniques to reduce stress, increase your energy levels and sleep better

Workshop Content:

  • Proven relaxation techniques
  • The importance of stabilising blood sugar to reduce stress – and how to do it
  • NLP techniques for emotional control – improving your mind-set and confidence
  • The nutrients required to support a healthy stress response – and where they’re found
  • Why the ‘Gut’ is the second brain, the link between gut health and stress
  • Meal planning and recipes to balance blood sugar and support your stress response



A healthy lunch is provided with tea and coffee during the day

Please add any special dietary requirements in your application to join the course


Priced at £45 per person for the full day.


Your trainers for the day are:




Nicki Williamson MCAHyp DABCH

A qualified Hypnotherapist, Coach & NLP practitioner. Nicki is an experienced and successful practitioner who has changed the lives of many people, by teaching them effective tools to manage conditions such as stress, anxiety & depression.


  Jane Rose-Land

A qualified Nutritionist with a degree in Nutritional Medicine.  Jane has vast experience helping people to a better quality of life through diet changes that reduce stress, improve digestive and bowel health and increase energy levels.




For further information call Nicki or Jane today on 07568 145151 or 01366 347452


To book your place visit www.nutritioninnorfolk.co.uk/events