Reflecting on Reflexology - More than just a foot massage...

June 25, 2018
We often use the word ‘soul’ – “it’s good for my soul,” or “I put heart and soul into that” and other expressions. Funny thing is that we can substitute another word for soul which sounds the same, means something completely different but still has an amazing power to improve our lives. In fact, we have two of them; the soles of our feet.

Our feet are more than handy lumps of flesh and bone to keep us upright or give us a reason to buy lovely shoes. Our feet are masterpieces of engineering, with nerves and veins plus an electrical system worthy of our personal sonar system. If you don’t believe me, try and recall feeling unsteady as you walked on an infirm surface which appeared normal – what actually happened was your feet did not receive back the ‘sonar echo’ your brain expected so you ‘felt’ wobbly.  Amazing, eh?

Now, here’s something even more fantastic.  Your feet have reflex areas, a bit like the receptors in your brain, and can impact negatively on your physical well-being.  Like any other human condition if something in your body isn’t working properly you will want to find a therapy that helps alleviate symptoms you find unpleasant, uncomfortable or downright painful.

Reflexology is the right therapy for anyone suffering from back, neck and muscle problems, or sleeping difficulties, stress or tension and even digestion issues.

As I say on my website, Reflexology is a great way to give your body an MOT and enjoy some wonderful relaxation at the same time.  This is not a cure-all for illness or diseases but as a therapy to improve your physical symptoms this is powerful and proven.

One of The Wellbeing People’s therapists is Mark. Mark has extensive experience in this field and combines Reiki with Reflexology to get the best possible results for you.  This method focuses on relaxing the body from within and promotes toxin drainage and a sense of calm, making you feel rejuvenated and full of energy afterwards.

So why does reflexology work?

The principle behind it is that different places on the foot correspond with particular areas of the body. When a trained and skilful reflexology practitioner applies exactly the right pressure on those areas you can be rebalanced, destressed and re-energised which leads to an overall feeling of wellbeing.

What does reflexology feel like?

For a majority of people, it provides a deep sense of relaxation, warmth and a pleasant tingling in the body.  Tension is relieved and symptoms reduced, leaving you in a happier state than before.

Does it tickle?

No, it doesn’t – not even for the most ticklish people.  Mark uses direct massage and sweeping motions to apply pressure to the reflex areas of your feet.  All you need to do is take off your shoes and socks, sit back and enjoy the focused, localised massage to your feet

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