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What is ShineTime?
Office of National Statistics data (March 2018) confirms 26.9% of children in the UK experience medium or low levels of happiness. This goes on to create low confidence as well as a lack of resilience and low self-esteem. Schools estimate that around 25% of children in each class fall into this category.

Launched in 2018, ShineTime is a child centred resilience programme brought to you by The Wellbeing People to support child wellbeing.  It is designed to help children address low confidence and low self-esteem issues and enables children to positively develop these areas. It enables the children to recognise their true potential and can also support children who may be experiencing higher anxiety levels at high stress times (ie the approach to exams or preparing to move to a new school).
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The ShineTime Programme teaches children how to be more in control of their emotions and reduce the impact of external negative events on their lives and general wellbeing. It helps children increase their confidence and happiness levels whilst helping them to recognise they are ‘perfect, just as they are’ and that they are absolutely enough.

Through our delivery of ShineTime, we have achieved fantastic results with 100% of those children who complete the Programme demonstrating increased confidence and happiness as well as showing a reduction in their level of worry.  The ShineTime Programme also includes a Train the Trainer option for schools that would prefer to deliver their own workshops in-house.
What are the benefits of direct delivery ShineTime for children?
The Wellbeing People deliver the ShineTime Programme directly into schools by working with a small group of children through four workshops delivered over four consecutive weeks.

Children who take part in the ShineTime Programme will learn invaluable tools and techniques for life to help them manage their emotional wellbeing as well as build and maintain long-term:
• resilience
• confidence
• self-esteem

Feedback from schools confirm that the children taking part:
• have been more willing to talk about how they are feeling
• are more in control of emotions such as anger
• are more engaged in their learning resulting in improved outcomes
• make accelerated progress in end of term tests
ShineTime Train the Trainer Programme
The Train the Trainer ShineTime Programme provides your nominated trainers with the knowledge and skills to effectively deliver the ShineTIme Programme for children from Y2 through to Y11.  It includes all the resources needed for effective delivery. It is recommended that a minimum of two members of staff from each school qualify as ShineTime trainers to provide sufficient resource within the school.

Trainers receive:
• 1½ days training covering the content for delivery including information on why it works and how to get the best results
• a further ½ days training (once they have had the opportunity to deliver all or part of the ShineTime Programme) to review effectiveness, answer questions and perfect delivery 

A ShineTime Co-ordinator should be appointed in schools choosing to run their own ShineTime Programmes. This is a critical role, supporting the trainer to monitor the results achieved and ensuring parental engagement.  

The Co-ordinator:
• should take responsibiilty for obtaining parental consent and collating the feedback pre and post each ShineTime Programme 
• will need to undergo an initial ½ day training followed by ½ day with the trainers to provide a collaborative approach for successful delivery

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