Scoring Goals with your Eyes Shut

April 11, 2018


We all know that setting goals – and achieving them - is important.  Our personal and professional lives are often firmly framed around specific goals that are important to our roles and ambitions both inside and outside our working hours. However, many of us can find it difficult to set goals for ourselves or even deliver them as part of a team. But there IS a solution for an individual or a whole team of people who are struggling with setting or delivering goals. I can help individuals and teams to create a clear focus, align their plans with personal KPIs and make working to corporate objectives simple and straightforward. AND how to engage and deliver successfully!

Like most games where scoring a goal is the main purpose, the best route to success is having the right coach.  That coach would be someone from The Wellbeing People.

Here at The Wellbeing People, we work within businesses and with individuals on a 1:1 basis, to quickly and easily improve how they think and feel about setting or delivering goals. It’s a bit like knowing the ball you need to kick will hit the back of the net each and every time. You can become SO confident and focused that you will genuinely feel you could score a goal with your eyes shut.

Clear Focus
Imagine – your stress and sleepless nights could be a thing of the past, easily and quickly, if you know how to focus clearly and align your mindset so you can clearly see the end game.

So, why do goals, key performance indicators and all that is linked to them make us feel as if we are being asked to build a brick wall with jelly?

It’s not because we’re not capable of setting or following goals, in our hearts we know this. Our minds, however, are playing a different game altogether.  What’s more, the aversion to all things goal related may impact on a whole team of people who are responsible for working together to deliver a defined, desired outcome. A work-place project, for example, or changing processes or practices that need attention.  The result?

Avoidance behaviour.

Endless meetings to ‘discuss’ the minute details rather than taking an overview, frequently rescheduled deadlines so more ‘thinking time’ can take place, repeated reviews or working parties. The end result is even more stress for all concerned. Having a plan is how we make ourselves feel organised and in control. But setting and achieving goals, whether it’s for work or in our personal lives, is often easier said than done. In fact, just thinking about setting goals or working out an action plan to deliver goals we have been given can cause genuine stress. That can genuinely, realistically and achievably become a problem of the past – just contact us to find out more.

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