Alison Hughes, Director of Quality Assurance and Inclusion, KWEST Multi Academy Trust (far right) with her team of ShineTime trainers
after receiving their certificates from Nicki Williamson (first left) of The Wellbeing People.

Growing Self Confidence and Resilience in West Norfolk School Children

The Wellbeing People have had the pleasure of working with KWEST Multi Academy Trust when they invested in ShineTime in order to provide emotional wellbeing support as part of the curriculum in all KWEST schools. We are excited at the success of this new Programme which builds resilience, confidence and self-esteem for children.   

ShineTime Results Led to KWEST Commitment in Train the Trainer Programme

ShineTime results speak for themselves with children reporting increased levels of confidence and happiness alongside accelerated exam results due to the fact that the children truly believe they can!

Paul Donkersloot, CEO of KWEST Multi Academy Trust says: "We are delighted with the positive impact that ShineTime has produced  for our children. Our confidence in ShineTime has led to a commitment to their Train the Trainer Programme so that we can ensure delivery across all of our schools. It has been inspiring to work with Nicki and benefit from her commitment, passion and expertise."

Nicki Williamson of The Wellbeing People said: "ShineTime can be delivered in schools directly by The Wellbeing People and can reach up to six children across a single Programme.  KWEST wanted to ensure they could provide access to the ShineTime techniques across their Academy so engaged in the Train the Trainer Programme.  ShineTime is designed for flexible delivery, the tools and techniques benefit every child.  It’s been a real pleasure to work with a Multi Academy Trust that truly supports the emotional wellbeing of children."

ShineTime teaches children unique tools and techniques to support them throughout their lives - from dealing with challenging situations such as exams and transition, to spending time understanding their emotions and how to manage them. The Programme helps children to celebrate and realise that they’re ‘perfect, just as they are’.  KWEST has invested in ShineTime and ensured at least one member of staff from each of their schools has the training and support to competently deliver the Programme for their children.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about building resilience and self-confidence in children and our Train the Trainer Programme, contact Nicki at or call 07568 145151.

Story picked up by Lynn News, 4 November 2019 - click to see the Lynn News article

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