The Emotional Benefits of Exercise

February 26, 2018

If there is one word that makes most of us groan, it’s ‘exercise’. Memories of school games afternoons, sideways glances at equipment bought with good intention which are now gathering dust, hangers full of gym wear that probably won’t fit anyway. It could all be a source of depression or guilt but, here’s the thing, exercise doesn’t have to be heart-pounding to make it effective.

Yes, effective cardiovascular workouts and making your body capable of ‘more’ is a good thing but if you haven’t succeeded at this before perhaps now is your time to make changes. As part of my Wellbeing mission, it’s my pleasure to help people to bring exercise into their lives and to enable sports oriented individuals and teams to exceed their goals.

There are many techniques and options that I can offer, depending on your current skill level and in full consideration of any health factors but let’s start with some basics that may take the Ouch out of Exercise.

It Doesn’t have to be ‘Ouch"

Walking is known to be an excellent way to improve your wellbeing – it has an amazing ability to get your heart rate raised just enough as well as making your joints feel more free but did you know there is medical evidence to show it produces chemicals in your brain that elevate your mood. Recently it was announced that exercise – which includes walking – can have a positive preventative factor related to the development of Alzheimer’s Disease. You can begin your walking ‘career’ very gently, too, so don’t worry that you need to get out the lycra and two skiing poles from the outset.

Walking can be a gentle way to introduce exercise into your daily routine – even walking rather than driving to your local store counts. Our part of the world is blessed with lovely places to walk and there are few restrictions on where you can wander.

For example, the Sandringham Estate is predominantly flat, and paths are clear and open – plus you can reward yourself with a lovely cup of coffee afterwards. Taking Sandringham as an example, there are two well marked Nature Trails, one 1.5 miles long (2.4km) and the other 2.5 miles long (4km). What better place to start stretching those legs?

On Your Bike

Most of us have a rusty bicycle hidden away in the shed or garage, and with a pump up of the tyres and a rub down of the dust, we have our own next step on the exercise front. Bringing back memories of childhood bike rides, this form of exercise boosts memories of the past as well as giving us relatively gentle movement in most muscle groups.

Around the House

Now, you may be saying to yourself, “That’s all well and good but I can’t get out much because of home responsibilities!”

Okay, let’s take a look at that – if you can’t get out much, how about using your stairs for an instant workout?

And let’s not forget reaching up high – or low - to use dusting as a stretching exercise?

Hoovering and sweeping are two great ways to exercise and have the benefit of a spic and span home into the bargain. And this is for beginners, so just imagine what a gradual build up of exercise could achieve when you know how to put your mind to it.

And that’s the point of this article – exercise is often as much about the mind as the body. I know it can be daunting to tackle something new or return to exercise that you abandoned or rejected for some reason. I can work with you to make exercise something that gives you the zing of energy and a whoosh of achievement.

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