The Greatest Love of All is Inside of Me

February 11, 2020

“Love is all around …” so the renowned Wet Wet Wet song goes.  It is a given that we all need love as a key part of our wellbeing.  It is sad but true that we often forget the greatest love of all is within us rather than around us.  This is surely the heart of all facets of love?  If we don’t love ourselves then how can we love others?  It is nigh on impossible to love others when our inner demons continually sabotage our state of mind and drag us down.

Valentine’s Day is traditionally very much about romantic love.  Are you lucky enough to be truly in love right now?  Are you missing out on love?  Are you just infatuated?  Are you focussed on the love all around and missing the self-love that is crucial to your wellbeing?

Anxiety and Depression Harms Our Ability to Love Ourselves

Anxiety, trauma and the baggage we can often carry through life chips away at our self-esteem and undermines our confidence and mental health.  Left unchecked it grows and grows to a point where you do not feel remotely like yourself.  Nobody wants to feel isolated, insignificant and struggling through life yet all too often we do nothing to stop this negative spiral until we reach rock bottom. Instead, we continue to feel helpless and unable to stop the negative downward slide and feed it some more.  What is more, many suffer this pain in silence.  Soon depression sets in and nothing seems good about our lives any more.  Perspective is lost and eventually everything can feel very dark and hopeless. 

Mental Health Needs Must Be Addressed

If we needed food because we were hungry, we would soon rectify this need.  If we had a bad headache that would not go away, we would take a paracetamol to relieve it – even those resistant to taking medication would succumb if their suffering was bad enough.  The same applies to most of our needs.  It is all part of our sense of self-preservation and ultimate survival.

Strangely we, as a species, often neglect our mental health which is essential to our general health and wellbeing.  In recent decades society has become more understanding and accepting of mental health issues but there is much work still to be done on this.  Most of us can understand that it is a necessity to nurture our mental health by talking, acknowledging and – more importantly - resolving issues as they arise.  Opening our minds sufficiently to seek the help we need does not come easy to some, however.  Mention mental health, depression, anxiety and they feel judged, embarrassed or lacking in themselves.  BUT …. once sufferers decide to seek help with an open mind the relief they feel is tangible.   They feel so much lighter and able to take control of their lives.  Those sitting in judgment can become more enlightened – usually because they become aware of someone close to them suffering with mental health issues. 

Find the Love and Happiness Inside Ourselves

Whitney Houston truly had it right when she sang “I found the greatest love of all inside of me ….”  This is very much the cornerstone of inner peace and happiness and we are all capable of achieving it with the right support.

Finding the right help is critical as it is not a one size fits all remedy.  Different things work for different people.  Resolving anxiety, self-esteem issues, depression and stress issues through hypnosis works for many.  It helps them to clear out the negative memories and feelings within the subconscious mind.  Then it reframes their focus into something so much more positive allowing them to move forward in a very positive way and ready to take on the world again.

If you would like to know more about how hypnotherapy can help improve your wellbeing through improved self-love then please contact Nicki at or call 07568 145151.

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