Wellbeing Strategies

Ensure good staff retention and productivity for your organisation with well thought out health and wellbeing policies and processes.
Nicki Williamson MCAHyp DABCH
A cohesive, well considered corporate strategy for health and wellbeing is critical in any organisation.  It should form the core of its culture and show the level of positive engagement and community within the organisation.  This is developed by listening to employee feedback and taking care to shape the strategy to meet their needs whilst also meeting HSE requirements.  To get the best results it is about going above and beyond the necessary to proactively support the human element, bearing in mind that people are an emotional being. 

Having established a proactive wellbeing strategy, the next stage is to plan a programme of ongoing assessment, follow up and review.  The process is therefore constantly under review in order to maintain good support for your employees and management team.

Well supported employees and management team will be empowered to:
• use unique techniques to reduce stress and improve mental health and wellbeing
• reduce and shift negative thinking and emotions which can lead to mental health problems
• to develop and support a positive mind-set
• take full ownership and control of their mental health

A good health and wellbeing strategy will:
• address all legal requirements
• increase employee engagement and retention with a clear ROI
• support the development of stress risk assessments using fit for purpose templates (to be completed with with team members)
• include a specific Management Training Plan to support early detection of mental health issues and symptoms and how to eliminate/reduce the issue(s) with long term benefits to the business and the employee

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