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March 27, 2018
Whilst doing some research the other day I read on a government website that 12.5million work days were lost during 2016/17 due to stress. I knew this work-place epidemic was a major problem and a significant factor in relation to productivity and profits, but I was genuinely shocked to read the numbers in black and white.

One quote, relating to stress says it all. “Feeling stressed isn’t a sign of weakness. It’s the result of trying to stay strong too long, alone.”

The Corporate Cost
The thing is, if you are an employer, you genuinely cannot afford NOT to have an Employee Wellbeing Strategy or a Management Training Plan in place.  The bigger the organisation, the higher the overall cost in poor performance, sickness absence etc - plus the pressure being placed on other employees having to cover the work otherwise done by those who have succumbed to stress already. It’s a matter of scale, not a matter of small businesses versus large organisations.

Large organisations such as Councils, the NHS and other public service organisations are (or should be) initiating Wellbeing in the Workplace, simply because their work impacts directly on those who rely on them for services.

The problem with problems, to paraphrase Captain Jack Sparrow, is how people deal with them rather than the problem itself.  To a degree, this is true but when sorting out an issue is outside the control of the individual experiencing it, therein lies Stress.

That is where stress begins, especially for an individual who feels they must carry on regardless of the physical and emotional outcomes of being constantly in a heightened emotional state or over-whelmed for any of the multitude of reasons that are brought to bear.

A Solution
No matter how much we love what we do for a living it can still be detrimental to our physical and mental Wellbeing if situations we find difficult or circumstances are outside our control this can result in STRESS.  This is NOT a modern phenomenon but, thankfully, in today’s world finding ‘things’ stressful is no longer something to be ashamed off. Also thankfully, employers WANT to ensure their departmental, branch, shop, sales and team members in general can achieve their goals and manage their responsibilities. What they don’t want is to see individuals become so overwhelmed or stressed that it leads to sickness absences.  In short, it makes no sense for any employer to under-estimate how ‘Wellbeing’ impacts on their profitability, effectiveness and reputation.

I am committed to working with organisations that recognise the need for a planned, professional approach to Wellbeing in the Workplace.  If your organisation would benefit from discussing this further, please contact me on 07568 145151.

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