You Deserve a Medal

March 14, 2018

........if you have tried to cope alone; but you don’t need to. ‘Coping’ is best done with support and information – and you deserve both.

There’s no doubt that pressure can be a positive thing – it can fuel creative energy, facilitate fast innovation and keep energy up, up, up. Stress, on the other hand, is potentially a killer – and an insidious, debilitating, harmful assassin.  This is no exaggeration and, at last, the subject of mental health is becoming ‘OK’ to discuss as individuals but as importantly, is recognised as being essential to every business. I have specialised in providing supportive sessions for people living with stress, PTSD, anxiety and other restricting issues, for many years now and my message is simple – there are answers, there are solutions and there IS a way forward.

Of course, mental illness – at whatever level and longevity -  should never have been a ‘secret’ in the first place and it’s now possible to look forward to a time when individuals, families and businesses are more aware and far more ‘up front’ about mental health issues.  For many, that time has already arrived and the people who do something about it for themselves, their loved ones or their employees and colleagues, all deserve a medal.

It isn’t easy, it isn’t done without thought, it isn’t a ‘quick fix’ and that’s why it deserves recognition for the action taken.

From a human point of view, we all want to be healthy in all ways and wish that for our loved ones too. From a business point of view, it makes more sense to support individuals who flag they are having problems and support them through it. Let’s take the Winter Olympics as a way to view this from an ‘ROI’ point of view.

Return On Investment
Imagine you have sponsored, supported and encouraged an athlete for years or even for a couple of seasons; seeing in them the potential to win a medal. Then, they sprain a joint or tear a ligament.  Does it mean they are now useless or to be ‘thrown away’ and a replacement found?  No, absolutely not.

When an athlete is injured, even more effort is made by physios and specialists, so that athlete can return to their former high level of performance.  The sportsperson returns to the Olympian challenges with renewed vigour and complete trust in those who provided support when it was needed most.

The same is true of an employee – their medal may not be on a ribbon around their neck but they do represent a significant investment in time and money. From the cost of recruitment to ongoing training, from the knowledge they have of your clients or services, from the skills they have which bring in business or satisfy your customers, everyone in an organisation – whatever its size – is part of a team. Having to reconstruct that team will be far more costly than providing support to existing members.

For the sake of your business, let alone it being the ‘right thing’ to do, providing your employees – or yourself – with the supporting techniques needed to successfully address mental health issues is common sense. Please call me today for more information about how your business can support employees dealing with mental health issues.  Information about my services and techniques are on my website or email me -

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